#ChatUAP: Encouraging better conversations about UAPs

uNHIdden has been set up to help improve mental health and wellbeing in the wake of growing awareness that Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) are a real phenomenon – as confirmed by the 2021 Preliminary Report from the U.S. Director of National Intelligence.  One aspect of this is to make it easier for people to have conversations about UAPs – with friends and family, with colleagues at work and, if they need to, with their doctor or therapist.

Yet stigma and shame prevent this.  People are shunned or laughed at if they raise the subject of UAPs.  So they learn to keep their thoughts to themselves, with all the implications for anxiety, stress and loneliness that this causes.

We want to change that.  We want to make it easier for people to start conversations about UAPs, with the confidence that it is a legitimate topic to raise.  We have a few tips and words of advice, the most important of which is to HAVE A GO.  If our ‘self-limiting beliefs’ kick in and prevent us from even trying, then we will never make progress.

First, do not go into a conversation about UAPs with the assumption that the other person will be negative and hostile.  Otherwise, you may be setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy as your listener registers your lack of confidence from your tone and responds accordingly.

Secondly, choose a time and setting conducive to a calm and focused discussion. Avoid having difficult conversations in public places, or when you (or the person you are talking to) are busy or distracted.

Thirdly, choose your “in” to the conversation carefully. “Hey, do you believe in aliens?” is not necessarily the best approach!   Rather, initially bringing up adjacent topics, such flight safety, national security, or the corruption/ misappropriation of government funds in black programs with no oversight (said to be in the billions or trillions of dollars in America) may be a better way.

Fourthly, focus on the facts, not speculation or some of the wilder ideas ‘down the rabbit hole.’  There is a page on the uNHIdden website that lays out evidence that is difficult for even the most hardened sceptic to deny (see: https://www.unhidden.org/the-facts/).  For example, the U.S. Government did produce a report that confirmed that UAPs are real; the U.S. Navy did confirm that multiple UAP videos are real; and UAP whistleblower David Grusch did testify before the U.S. Congress.

Fifthly, manage your expectations.  If you can raise the topic of UAPs for a couple of minutes and secure some legitimacy to the topic, then that is a notable result.  Do not expect the other person to move very far in their viewpoint or topical interest in one go.  Be satisfied that you have created an anchor point that you can return to carefully again in the future (such as: “You remember that article I mentioned? Well I saw something else recently…”; “Can we watch a news report or documentary about that thing I raised last week?”).

These are only basic suggestions and ‘how to start a conversation about UAPs’ is a difficult topic.  But a problem shared and all that.

So we want to hear your advice and ideas about how to have better conversations about UAPs. Please tell us what worked, what failed and what are your lessons and tips?  We are calling this campaign #ChatUAP.

Please send your ideas and accounts of UAP conversations that you have had to contact@unhidden.org.  We will post and share some of them, including from uNHIdden team members, on X, LinkedIn and on our website.

uNHIdden’s strapline is “so we are not alone”.  We become less alone with every new conversation we can have about UAPs.