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We are here to support good mental health and reduce anxiety around ‘exceptional experiences’, as well as to encourage a better, kinder disclosure.

Because of the stigma associated with talking about ‘UFOs’, ‘aliens’ or other such phenomena, people need to be able to have better conversations around this topic. Whatever the origin of what individuals have seen, it is their ‘lived experience’. This non-judgemental approach will help improve people’s wellbeing and help them seek support from doctors and psychologists, as well as friends and family.

We are here to help reduce stigma, so that everyone is able to voice their concerns and express their needs. Plus to ensure that any revelations or ‘disclosure’ about the existence of non-human intelligence (NHI) are made in as kind and people-centric way as possible.

We are medically-led and we have a Medical Advisory Board made up of doctors and clinical psychologists. This ensures that everything we do is consistent with best medical practice.

We have six main functions and purposes:

  1. To promote supportive, fact-based conversations around Exceptional Experiences.
  2. To develop relevant resources for counsellors and other health and social care professionals to draw upon in their work.
  3. To liaise with other organisations in the mental health arena to bring attention to the importance and seriousness of this topic.
  4. To coordinate with other legitimate organisations working in the field to promote positive action that will improve wellbeing and outcomes.
  5. To campaign for a better, kinder disclosure, including undertaking research on ‘ontological shock’ and developing strategies for dealing with it, at individual, family, community and societal levels.
  6. To serve as a trusted resource for anyone who is worried about exceptional things that they have seen.

In 1961, Sociologist Anthony Giddens wrote that ontological security is a sense of order and continuity in regard to individuals’ experiences that is necessary to give meaning to their lives. If an event occurs that is not consistent with that meaning, then ontological shock will occur. A revelation about the existence of non-human intelligence (NHI) would constitute such a shock – with huge ramifications for individuals, communities and society as a whole. Developing strategies for helping to manage and mitigate ontological shock is a key priority for uNHIdden.

“These phenomenas are deeply concerning me”

Zuzanna, South Yorkshire

“I have nobody to talk to about my experiences of NHIs etc”

Rob, Milton Keynes

“I am very concerned for people who experience for the first time and have nowhere to turn.”

Marie, NSW Australia

We have no particular insights or information about the existence (or otherwise) of extraterrestrials or other possible forms of NHI. Or about other ‘exceptional experiences’ that people may have. That is not why we are here. Rather, we are ready to help develop strategies to support anyone who is worried or anxious about developments in this area. We also want to help ensure that people are better prepared, should disclosure take place (and it is confirmed that NHI is real).